STYLE GURU BIO: Kaley Roshitsh

Oh how I hated the dreaded times spent thrift shopping with my mom as a child. As she patiently sifted through the racks, my brother and I browsed through the sub-par toy selection. We wedged our petite bodies into racks as temporary forts and complained relentlessly to our mother. How the times have changed. Often I go to sleep dreaming of the possibilities of scoring a unique or trendy item, but thrifting isn’t the only passion that puts a little sparkle in my eye. I am also wildly enthusiastic about creating. Creativity is everything to me. I’ve never wanted to be like anyone else. Fashion gives me the outlet to imagine and to be inventive, while further defining myself. Pursuing my degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design at Virginia Tech with a minor in multimedia journalism, I envision endless endeavors where I can continue to be creative. Follow my very spiritual journey through my ever-growing wardrobe; let me convince you just how chic Blacksburg can be!

While my wardrobe has taken a heavy shift towards all things minimalist, I have a healthy appreciation for  rad vintage finds (and premium textiles- I am highly enthusiastic about leather, linen and cotton). Here, I am wearing a varsity-inspired, vintage knee-length skirt and a strappy, chambray crop top. I like to use Taylor Swift as an inspiration for such updated lengths. The rule usually says “minimal exposure on the legs, leaving all the attention for a peak of midsection and lots of collarbone.” This fall is all about updated lengths and can easily be spotted in the plethora of cropped trousers and lengthy skirts available. Pair your updated skirt with a cross-body saddle bag in a rich hue and nude mules to lengthen your legs. Fortunately, I was not flooded by a swarm of adoring Swift fans, but I also hardly resemble Taylor Swift, so really who is at fault here?