STYLE GURU BIO: Kaitlyn Fensterer

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Kaitlyn Fensterer, and I am heading into my senior year of college at Sacred Heart University. I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in Fashion. I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista!

My passion for fashion started when I was a little girl. I was obsessed with playing dress up (especially in my older sister’s clothes), and I loved putting together different outfits. As I got older, I would constantly look through fashion magazines and check out the latest trends going on and I would figure out how to adapt them to my style. Nowadays I am constantly on Pinterest looking for inspiration. I love being creative and playing with my clothes and putting different outfits together.

If I had to describe my style, I would say that it is girly, preppy and simple. My outfit choices never really have any crazy prints or colors. My friends always used to tease me saying, “Don’t you have anything in your closet besides black, white, brown?” I love neutrals. I think black looks so sleek and put together. In my defense, I do have many colorful cardigans! I would rather have a black shirt with some rhinestones or beading than a funky new pattern. Where I really like to play around is with my accessories. I love a good statement necklace. The more colors, the better! I am obsessed with sparkles and rhinestones. My other obsession is boots; I have so many pairs of boots. If I could wear them every day I would, and I pretty much do in the colder months. In the summer, I’m dreaming of when I can wear them again.

I am really excited to learn more about fashion and to expand my style through CollegeFashionista. I can’t wait to see the awesome styles that are out there and to share them with you!