STYLE GURU BIO: Kaitlyn Brophy

It was a very daunting and complicated task of trying to figure out which single outfit could describe the entirety of my style. How can I choose when I have so many varieties of styles blended into one closet?

It’s hard to pick a catch-all look to capture my entire personality and style persona. Should I choose something strikingly edgy; my signature dark T-shirts and grungy accessories? Or something more soft and feminine, like one of my favorite sundresses? Or perhaps I should opt for a more preppy and tailored look with crisp collars and stripes? What about my lazy-girl Sundays wrapped in sweaters and flannel? Those are just as much a part of me as when I’m all dressed up. After a long period of time searching through my closet trying on outfit after outfit (a reminiscence on my younger Fashionista days), I finally decided on the above look. It definitely has some obvious edgy aspects while not being too harsh. It’s contemporary in the throwback ’90s fad trending right now but still classic with an A-line denim skirt and low heeled booties. This look fits in well with my style and while it doesn’t perfectly describe me, I think this look emits a good sense of my personal fashion.

Most of these pieces I bought from fast-fashion retailers like Forever21 and H&M, two personal favorite brands of mine. While these stores are known for their cheaper clothing options to obtain more trendy runway-ready styles, I’ve found that these brands have really evolved and can make for some really nice, lasting pieces in your closet. If not, then at least they provide cheap pieces to be on trend without breaking every Fashionista’s bank.

I hope you choose to read more from me and see more of my looks in the future!