STYLE GURU BIO: Kaitlyn Antoniadis

Hello there! I hope everyone has had a great start to their school year and is ready to put their best outfit forward. I know I’m ready to show off my style at my new school!

I have only been here for a few days and I’m already shocked by the various and unique fashion styles I am surrounded by on campus. I’ve seen everything from thrift shop retro looks to boho-chic looks to darker, grunge looks. I cannot wait to explore my school even further in these upcoming months.

Personally, I try to treat every day as if it’s an event that I must dress my best for. I like to think that if I look my best I’ll feel my best and others will be drawn to me.

You can most likely find me wearing a skirt, lipstick, and something black. But just because my wardrobe consists of 99.999999 percent black clothes doesn’t mean I can’t whip together an outfit that’ll knock your knee-highs off. While I do tend to draw style inspiration from the “darker” side of fashion, I do throw in my own unique twists here and there.

I can successfully shop for my style almost anywhere. I can be found shopping at “mainstream” retail shops, thrift stores and even independently owned online shops…. as long as they sell black, of course!

During my time as a Style Guru, I hope I can share my style and love for unique fashion with you and hope to inspire you to create a unique look of your own!

Have a good year and please be sure to check out my future posts!