STYLE GURU BIO: Julie Marren

May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, Fashionistas! Let me begin by expressing my enthusiasm for the journey I am about to embark with CollegeFashionista. I am excited and interested to meet my fellow Fashionista/os, discover what trends interest them and see how they incorporate those trends differently into their everyday styles.

As a Fashion Marketing/Merchandising major at Sacred Heart University, I find myself engrossed in studying consumer behavior and trends, particularly within the field of fashion. I had done so as a young girl, before I had even realized what I was doing—I always had a tendency to predict trends and see them unfold in the following year or so. Now, as a college student, it merely delights me to be a part of such an interactive and fun blog, while I continue to study marketing at Sacred Heart in Fairfield, Connecticut and work as a supervisor at retail store Jack Wills in Westport.

Growing up in southern Connecticut, traveling a great deal at a young age as well as having a minor obsession with fashion magazines, has allowed my horizon to be broadened deeply. Because of this, my style tends to be a bit erratic and very eclectic. Living in the suburbs of Connecticut, I am accustomed to being surrounded by high-quality, traditional, preppy clothing, but I am also accustomed to very urban, chic styles as well, being so close to New York City.

Throughout this summer with CollegeFashionista, I anticipate much growth through the interactions with different Fashionista/os, who will each have something unique and new to share with us. Today, fashion has no limits, and with social media and countless digital outlets, Fashionistas/os have the power to explore and express themselves more accurately and more easily than ever before. Fashion, after all, is ultimately a form of expression and personality, which is why I love it so much. It has always been my outlet of expression, whether it be a certain mood, a period of self-exploration or simply incorporating beauty and art into my everyday style to show my personality. I am eager to meet my fellow Fashionista/os who share the same love and appreciation for fashion!