STYLE GURU BIO: Julia Michael

September 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Julia Michael. I am a freshman this year at Liberty University in Virginia. My major is Chemistry, but I love fashion and I am planning on minoring in Fashion Merchandising. I currently have my own jewelry business and one day hope to expand to selling clothing and other accessories.

My style is influenced by my everyday life. I am a competitive figure skater. This is reflected in my style through ballet inspired colors, such as grey and light pink. I also try to dress practically; I love creating a look that can function for figure skating, yet with a scarf and a pair of boots, will also work for a class at school. Music is a large part of my life, and a large influence on the style of clothing I wear. My favorite genre is alternative folk rock. I find that a majority of the outfits I wear are inspired by the way the artist dresses or the ideas conveyed through the music.

If I were to try to describe my style, I would say it is a mix of indie, vintage, and minimalist. You will often find me wearing flannels, brown boots, chambray tops, striped shirts,and black pants. Fall is my favorite season; oversized sweaters are a staple along with thick, wool socks. I try to style my clothes in a way that reflects who I am, while still being simple, practical and most importantly, comfortable.

In the outfit above, I’m wearing a chambray button-up over a simple, striped shirt. Black pants are a staple for me; the pair I am wearing here are from my favorite store, Madewell. My shoes are brown flats from J.Crew. I find myself wearing these almost everyday in the summer! I finished off the look with a vintage necklace that I updated by simply knotting it.

I am very excited to be a Style Guru this semester. College is the perfect place to discover new styles and experiment with clothing. Each person has a look that is unique to him or her. I cannot wait to share the outfits that I love on campus, and see how every individual puts their own mark on a trend and expresses who they are through clothing!