STYLE GURU BIO: Julia Kolowski

Well hello! My name is Julia, and I am currently a sophomore at Nova Southeastern University located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am studying Biology here, so my main reason for taking this internship is to gain experience in something I love, which is fashion. When I found out about CollegeFashionista, it automatically hit me that it was something I wanted to be a part of. You may think that Florida weather means everyone wears shorts and flip flops all year long. I will prove to you that even on the hottest of days, people will show their unique style on campus, where the heat doesn’t stop them from wearing a diverse range of fashions.

My fashion always stemmed from my artistic background. As a child, I started loving art, and ever since I can remember, this helped me define my unique style. I’ve gone through phases with my personal style, but now I feel like I don’t have a specific style I go with; I mix and match what I feel like works for me!

I am currently an admissions ambassador for my university, so whenever I don’t have to wear my work uniform, I get excited to express my style with pulling out different patterned trousers and tops together. I mainly enjoy wearing minimalistic patterns, but sometimes I play around with fun tops to spice up my day. Shoes with a wedge or a heel make me feel the most confident, so the majority of my heels are black or have straps and go with almost anything in my closet. As for accessories, especially necklaces, they’re very minimal, but they make a statement if worn.

Fashion means a lot to me; I look forward to going places because it means being able to wear and show my style everywhere I go. So now I get to show off the outfits that students on my campus feel confident in, which is even more exciting! Get ready because there are good things to come.