Happy summer vacation, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Julia DePalma and I’m so happy you’ve joined me for this journey on CollegeFashionista! I am from North Providence, Rhode Island, the smallest and one of the loveliest states in the US. However, I go to school in Ohio, where I will be a junior in the fall at Kent State University. I am majoring in fashion design with minors in marketing and visual journalism, which keeps me very busy. If I’m not drawing or sewing, which is rare, I am probably at the gym. I love Pilates and swimming, as well baking and cooking with my friends. I also love, love, love to kayak and travel. Speaking of which, I will be spending the majority of my summer abroad in Paris, where I will be studying the sewing methods of the French haute couture. Stay tuned for lots of street style inspiration from one of the world’s fashion capitals!

Fashion has been the center of my own world since the third grade. I decided as a child that I wanted to be a fashion designer and have conveniently never changed my mind. I love everything about the creation of clothing, from draping fabric on a mannequin, illustrating and researching ideas, to seeing full garments come together at the end. One of my professors says that fashion is the outermost expression of a person’s soul and I totally agree. Who wouldn’t want a hand in creating the pieces that people choose to express themselves with each and every day?

I express my own style in a variety of ways. Black is a staple in my closet. I think it’s classic and always sophisticated. Another plus? There is no matching required! I also am obsessed with mixing and mismatching prints. Prints in general are always amazing. They make up a majority of my wardrobe. I’m often inspired by my travels. I have family in Spain, which has allowed me the opportunity to visit many parts of Europe. These experiences have had an enormous impact on my life and on my clothes. Some of my style staples include ballet flats, bright lipstick, rompers and tiny purses.

I am so excited to spend this summer searching for fabulous street style and trends to share with you all! I am traveling with a ton of other fashion majors and they always impress. I hope you all enjoy what I have to share with you over the next few months and feel inspired by the creativity and clothing that has such a profound impact on my own life. Thank you so much for reading, my darlings. I’ll have more for you soon!