May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Why hello lovelies! We should start with the normal hellos and greetings to get this semester started off right. My name is Joshua Dylan Hays, but you all can call me Josh! It all started in a small town in Indiana when a little boy named Josh was born. Ever since I was little, I knew the small town life just wasn’t for me. After graduating high school, I decided I needed a change of scenery and chose to go to Indiana University in Bloomington. This change to me was like something I always saw in the movies, and it was everything I dreamed of! While Bloomington is not the largest city in the world, it was to me. It was like my New York City. And in my future, I see the real NYC or any large city that calls my name! Originally, I planned on studying music and switched between many majors until I took an Introduction to Retail class and fell in love. I already loved clothes but I never thought it would be something I could do for the rest of my life!

Growing up, I always knew I was slightly different than the other boys I went to school with. We didn’t have similar interests and the way I would wear my clothes bothered others. For example, I liked having my shorts rolled up high to show a lot of my legs or rolling my jeans up like the girls to show my ankles. Obviously I was called a lot of hurtful names, but I felt comfortable! I liked the way I presented myself. As I grew up, I realized clothes are just clothes and whether you are a boy, girl or in-between, fashion and style can make you feel powerful!

I don’t believe in gender stereotypes, which is why one day my outfit is a very feminine look and the next day it can be a very masculine look. The days in between I like to mix the looks and make another personal style. This is why I love fashion and I love that anyone can create their own personal style! I support anyone that dresses the way that they want and especially when they serve a look!

I draw my inspiration from everyone and everything around me. Whether it be the weather or the idea of a city, I turn that idea into something I think is fashionable!

For this semester, and throughout your lives, I hope you all feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear and how you choose to present yourselves! Make fashion your own and serve your look the only way you know how! I hope you all remember that fashion is what you make it!