STYLE GURU BIO: Josephine Nazzaro

My name is Josephine Fatima Nazzaro, I am a junior at Framingham State University, currently majoring in fashion merchandising with a concentration in business administration. I am so excited to be considered a Style Guru and blogging with all of you this spring semester, to share all of the exciting, eccentric looks and people I encounter on a daily basis. Whether it is casually sitting in class surrounded by all my wonderful peers who are also in love with fashion, going back home to my small town of Northbridge engulfing all of the new styles my friends are taking home from their universities, or simply walking down the street in my new home, the city of Boston, meeting trend setters strutting Newbury Street. I am constantly embodied, and intrigued by fashion, always!

From drawing the most elegant Crayola dresses at a young age, to the hours spent in the mornings trying to find just the right look for any given school day, working in retail for years and, to have, so far, based my destination at the end of college toward being able to own my own clothing store, fashion truly is a passion of mine.

My personal style is off the charts; I would say the most drastic changes in my wardrobe like most, are seasonal. I go from very bohemian, chic trends in the summer to trying to get away with the most comfortable styles in the winter that give off very edgy feel, almost always accessorizing with lipstick. I tend to overload on trends and fads no matter the season, and I am always looking for “stylish” ways to “bum it” when deciding I want to dress down. Through my new venture of joining Crossfit, athletic wear styles are becoming a new interest to me and hopefully something we can learn and venture out with together!

I am more than excited to be working with college fashionista this semester and even more excited to be working with all of my potential blog inspirations. Feel free to contact me with ideas, questions or your own inspirational looks whenever. Through this blog I plan to go out on a limb with fashion hoping to explore and understand styles, that are not necessarily all my own!