STYLE GURU BIO: José Angel Ortiz Jr.

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

And so it begins. Welcome to my crazy world, my headspace filled with the absurd and irrational. I don’t think twice, I believe in breaking rules, and yes, if they don’t try it, I will.

My name is José Angel Ortiz Jr. I’m a sophomore at the University of Connecticut studying graphic design. Hopefully one day I can do something I don’t mind sticking to for more than six months. Until then, you can most likely find me working just about everywhere and anywhere that’ll entertain me after college. Not the best of plans I know, but then again, who really sticks to em anyways?

I like to think my swag is guided by intuition. I kinda just wake up and put on what feels right for the day. Some key staples I always consider: bracelets, scarves, sweats, boots or sneakers. I’m really inspired by streetwear fashion; all the ways it twists and turns throughout the industry, therefore you can bet on seeing me parlaying with my own set of hip-hop-inspired poses/fits.

In this particular outfit I’m sporting my own experiment of plaid on camo. By keeping my color pallet centered on strong contrasting colors with neutral hues, I’m able to ground this urban variation on a military classic. The contrasting burnt orange and hunter green make for a dynamic camo color pallet when paired together, while the neutral gray and dark blue give room to breathe. In addition, I tone down the strong pattern combo by fitting a heavy, fleece minimal sweater on top of a button-down flannel, which gives me the opportunity to garner the look of an extended fit T-shirt (Yeezy taught me).

On top you can find a crochet knit camouflage beanie (made by grandma) to complement my similarly camouflage pants below. All of this is neatly kept under a slim fit utility bomber jacket that brings back that ‘90s feel while still being able to stay relevant in the present day. On my feet I’m flexing the Nike Air Force 1 ‘Peace’ release because my streetwear aesthetic always guides me to be a sneakerhead every so often; click here to find some wavy Nike releases like these. To ice it off, I rock a gold bar bracelet that finishes with a contemporary statement.

Check back in for my monthly updates on the latest and greatest outfits happening on a street near me. Don’t be shy, holla at me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and let me know your thoughts about all things Fashionista related. As always, stay blessed and stay up y’all.