STYLE GURU BIO: Jordan Telfare

January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Jordan Telfare

Hello, world! my name is Jordan Xavier Telfare, born in Trenton, New Jersey at age eight I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated from Osborne High School, following graduation I attended the Lincoln University of Pennsylvania majoring in mass commutations. During my second year I realized that campus life was great, however, the career path being offered through commutations lacked a hands-on creative experience in my career as a student and as a professional, that I was searching for.

I decided to drop out of Lincoln University and move back to Georgia. Much to my surprise, I discovered the genesis of a flourishing art scene in Atlanta, and I begin networking with photographers, designers, and musicians. Through networking I begin freelance wardrobe styling on local fashion shows, campaign shoots for designers and working with up-and-coming artists on visuals for music.

Despite experience in styling, I decided to enroll at The Art institute of Atlanta where I currently major in fashion marketing and retail management. While attending The Art institute of Atlanta my creativity has been challenged and pushed past limits I never know I could reach. I am excited to be a part of the Style Guru team, finally putting my camera to good use, networking, and learning from professionals.

I am a lover of fashion so at least 48 hours of my week is watching fashion shows, discovering new trends, and keeping up with this ever changing industry. The only thing I love more than fashion is personal style! When an individual can make an iconic piece to fit their everyday life, it intrigues me. I would describe my personal style as the “Urban Gentlemen,” I love a clean look, I show personal style through complementary relationship-based color palettes. For this look, I wanted to keep it simple while providing a pop of color.

I’ve dressed in a Button-up shirt with a mandarin collar, blue chinos and purple Timberland boots with clear bottoms. I also decided to add a scarf with a native-based design to accent the earth tone in the shirt and a skull gold ring.

I am excited to share the personal style I see on campus to inspire another Style Gurus on all campuses. Feel free to use my social media handles as well, I looking forward to meeting fellow creatives.