STYLE GURU BIO: Jordan Ratner

Hello to all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there! My name is Jordan Ratner and I am currently a sophomore Fashion Merchandising major at the beautiful University of Delaware. I am so excited to have the opportunity to write for CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru this semester. I can’t wait to share my tips and tricks with all of you, and what better season to express style than the fall!

I have always had a passion for clothing and accessories. When I walk into a store, I am on a mission to shop ‘till I drop. I ooze with excitement when I find the perfect articles of clothing to piece together in a way that represents not only my style, but how I view myself and how I want others to view me. Clothing allows us to express our personalities without saying anything; it’s so important to purchase items that not only make you feel good, but represent who you are and want to be.

With cooler weather quickly approaching, the possibilities for outfits are endless. Think about it—what other season encompasses an array of clothing from skirts to jeans, dresses to leggings, cardigans to leather jackets and riding boots to flats? With the weather in the 50s and 60s and the sun shining, you can create any outfit imaginable while still being comfortable walking around campus from one class to another.

Dresses are one of my favorite pieces for the upcoming season. They have the power to look casual or elegant depending on how you dress them up or down. I love short sleeved dresses with patterns, like this Aztec print dress. Whether you’re racing to class across campus or strutting down the streets of New York City, it’s important to strike a balance between comfort and fashion. These brown booties give an edgy feel to the outfit while keeping your feet in place. The white laser-cut crossbody adds a pop of neutral color that brings out the white detail in the dress. The smallest accessories can go a long way with any outfit—dainty earrings and simple, yet intricate, leather bracelets kick your look up a notch.

Living in New York has broadened my horizons to all that the fashion world has to offer. New York screams “Look at me! I am not afraid to wear what I want” and I try to emulate that every time I pick out an outfit.  I can’t wait to explore all the fall looks my campus has to offer!