STYLE GURU BIO: Jonathan McDougle

STYLE GURU BIO: Jonathan McDougle

Hello Fashionistas/os, my name is Jonathan McDougle, East Carolina University junior, journalism major. Stoked to be returning for another semester scouting #RAD Fashionistas/os around ECU’s campus, strengthening my writing and photography. I’m truly honored and hope that you continue to take this journey with me as a Style Guru.

Fashion continues to be an outlet for me to express and set myself apart from my counterparts, and my favorite season to do so is fall. Autumn gives you plenty of options to layer, subtly bring colors together, stay neutral and dress boldly. On top of all that, who doesn’t love sweater weather?

What I love most about fashion is how much it evolves. I enjoy watching the evolution and growth of my individual style when new eras of trends come around.

I laud high fashion and those who work within it. The phrase, “Fashion hurts,” is something I live for. However, I’m grateful that I do not have to experience the painful side of fashion very often since I am a man. With this being said, I strongly advocate not only to myself but to others as well to dress fashionably yet comfortably the majority of the time. “Where the clothes don’t let them wear you,” is what I like to say. Especially considering that I am a college student always on the go, it’s important to me to find a balance between fashion and comfort.

Again, I’m thrilled to be back so that I can help others achieve this same equilibrium by scouting other Fashionista/os who share my same philosophy.