STYLE GURU BIO: Jessie Luxemberg

Hi! My name is Jessie Luxemberg and I am just starting my sophomore year at the University of South Carolina. I grew up in Upstate New York, Rochester to be exact, but I’ve always been someone who prefers tanning over skiing. This is how I ended up at school for 12 hours south of home. I am a marketing major with a minor in Fashion Merchandising but am currently unsure exactly what I am going to do with my degree.

Ever since I can remember I have loved clothes and always spent a little too long picking out my outfits in the morning. Once I made my own money, shopping was an everyday thing for me. My style has definitely evolved throughout the years but lately I love taking simple, comfortable clothing and creating outfits that look more dressed up than they feel. Here, I swapped out my usual outfit of running shorts and a T-shirt for a pair of loose fitting, high-waisted shorts, a lace bralette and an oversized V-neck. I almost always buy tops a size bigger than I wear, simply for comfort and it also makes them easier to style. Living up north my entire life has definitely influenced my sense of style. I love seeing how I can take what I know about fashion and what I am used to and make it fit my life in the south and vice versa.

My mom always told me she wished I could make money from shopping instead of spending all of hers and I hope that this internship will be a step in the right direction.