STYLE GURU BIO: Jessica Dennis

May 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Aloha Fashionistas/os! I am Jessica Dennis, a sophomore Journalism major at The University of Missouri.

Born and raised in Kansas City, my love of reading lead to my obsession with fashion magazines and all things couture at a young age. I read my first Teen Vogue at age eight and my passion for style flourished soon after.

No matter what I’m doing at the time, I would rather be travelling. I often gain inspiration for my style and aesthetic from the places I travel. I would describe my style as a laid back, playful, and experimental take on the most recent trends all thrown together from influences I’ve gained while exploring new locations.

Most recently I vacationed on Maui, Hawaii where I took inspiration from the sun and the sea. This outfit is perfectly practical and cute as the sun goes down up-country. Mimicking the colors of a beautiful Maui sunset, these sweater separates keep me warm yet tropical—perfect for the cooler Pacific nights.

Although I brought this set with me, I stole my “slippers” (flip flops) and ocean inspired vintage ring straight from local styles here in Hawaii. Although they may not seem couture by any means, rubber slippers are the most practical and simply cute shoes to go with any outfit on the islands.

When I’m not travelling, my home is the heartland. One of my favorite parts about exploring new places is bringing inspiration from them back home with me. Going to school in central Missouri can be difficult and draining for a Fashionista. But, putting my own spin on things and truly owning my personal style gives me the one thing that allows one to fit in anywhere—confidence.

I hope you enjoy reading this post along with the others soon to come! I will be taking my readers around the world as well as showing them how we do things in good ‘ol Missouri.