STYLE GURU BIO: Jessi Simpson

Hey Fashionistas!

My name is Jessi Simpson and I am a fine arts student at Illinois State University. I plan to study studio arts during college. I enjoy painting, drawing, computer generated art and photography. I have joined this internship because I enjoy expressing myself through photography and fashion. I am very excited to announce that I plan to continue this internship all four years while attending this university.

I have a lot of experience using high quality cameras and editing. I was on a National award-winning yearbook team and have been an avid photographer since. All of my photos are taken through a Nikon lens! I have completed a digital photography course through Illinois State University, which has helped improve my photography skills.  Hopefully there will be a HUGE difference by the end of this year in the quality of my photos!  Along with my helpful photography experience, I also have writing experience. I have completed two college level advanced placement courses. I am currently completing my third this semester. I will do my best to improve as the semester goes on with how I will present my articles!

Now…Let’s talk a little bit about me and what I love. I am a 11 year 4-H club member and have received most of my “artistic training” through the youth enrichment program. In 4-H, I have been granted many opportunities to create and perfect my artistic crafts. I like to think of this time in my life as my…fashion awakening. Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved beautiful fabrics, fancy colors and standing out of the crowd. As I got older, I realized that I wanted to become an artist and express myself through my clothing. In 4-H club, I created my own clothes to wear and learned how to dress in a unique way. As I mature, so does my style. I invite any college student to step out of their comfort zone and wear the unexpected. In the upcoming semester, I will be documenting my outfits that I have created, upcycled, recycled (hipster clothing alert!) and purchased from amazing stores.

Hopefully this semester all Fashionistas will have a better understanding of who I am and who anyone can become with a little bit of creativity… and great clothes!