Honestly, the term “Style Guru” is hilarious to me. And yet here I am, at it again as a Style Guru.

I am in no way an expert in fashion, but I like it, so I guess that must qualify me in some way. In this very moment, I’m wearing a crop top that has a smiley face on it with the phrase “Have a nice day” written on it and a high-waisted blue skirt with white polka-dots. It’ll be pretty stylin’ when I leave the house and throw on my white heels that are covered in neon cheetah print. I guess you could call me a cheetah girl.

My philosophy on fashion is that you can make anything work if you wear it with confidence (well, almost anything). My dear friend Simone once wore a black sweater with white polka-dots and a white skirt with small red and blue flowers on it. I remember my Brazilian friend saying to me, “I don’t understand American fashion. That doesn’t match.” So, I explained to her that Simone was basically wearing two neutrals because the black was the dominant color in the sweater and the white was the dominant color in the skirt. She just looked at me quizzically and said she still didn’t understand.

That’s the beauty of fashion. It is what you make it. In my experience, I think fashion has to be deliberate. It takes some amount of planning and experimentation. That’s what makes wearing clothes into wearing art. I’m no good at drawing or painting or even decorating a room, but for some reason, getting dressed is the way I do art. It may not always be good art, but that’s part of the fun.

As a CollegeFashionista Style Guru, I’ll be looking for those confident, artistic decisions and documenting them. You’re welcome, world.