STYLE GURU BIO: Jenny Chavez

January 5th, 2017 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU BIO: Jenny Chavez

Hi there! My name is Jenny Chavez. I am a sophomore studying business management at Purdue University. I always knew I would end up at Purdue and I’m extremely happy I did. Purdue is a great school that has so much to offer and it’s full of different people with unique personalities and styles.

As being a part of this team, I can’t wait to share variety of styles I see with all of you! I love seeing how others express themselves through their clothing. It’s an art that many of us get to share with one another and it gets me so excited.

When it comes to myself, I don’t really have the exact words to describe my style of clothing. I’m into a lot of different looks. Usually for class, I wear comfy clothing which consists of a lot workout pieces, but I also like to randomly dress up and play around with pieces. Sometimes I like to go for a casual chic look which I did in this particular look.

I paired my ripped jeans with a white turtleneck. The turtleneck and vest combination has been quite popular, so I gave it a try and wore my gray and white plaid vest over my turtleneck. As for the shoes, I went with my old pair of black ankle booties. These booties were my go to last year when I would be out and about. I always have a pair of shoes that I don’t mind to get dirty because I would never wear them on a special occasion. To spice up my whole look, I wore some cute rings and red lipstick.