STYLE GURU BIO: Jennifer Kim

“Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are. Your reputation is who people think you are.” -Kanye West

I remember feeling the need to dress differently at certain places in order to fit in. I can wear a pair of beaten up chucks to go thrift shopping, but I wouldn’t dare to walk through Nordstrom in them. I worried that others wouldn’t take me seriously because of what I was wearing. I spent hours getting ready in the mornings yet still felt insecure throughout the day. I would spend hours and hours on YouTube watching makeup tutorials and fashion how-to videos and that’s when I came across CollegeFashionista.

CollegeFashionista has reminded me that fashion should be a way for me to express my personality. I shouldn’t have to worry about what others thought about me, no matter what I’m wearing. The close-knit community of style gurus and the diversity found in this college media company has influenced me to become more confident in whatever I was wearing and I’m blessed to be a returning style guru this fall!

One word that would describe my personal style is minimalism, although my mom just thinks I’m lazy. I’m a maniacal booties collector and I tend to stick to neutral colors when choosing an outfit, usually black, white or brown. Occasionally, I’d introduce a pop of color into my outfit, such as this Pendleton purse I coordinated into this fall-inspired outfit. This purse really finishes up my look because of the unique patterns on this purse. Pendleton is getting more popular for its blankets but I suggest every Fashionista and Fashionisto to check out the bags and wallets they offer as well!

To start off the fall semester, I’m wearing a suede shift dress with black lace-up booties and a wide-brimmed wool-felt hat. This is a very simple look for your first day back on campus or brunch with your sisters after a long summer. If fall is chilly on your campus or if you’re looking for a day-to-night look, add a black leather jacket over your shoulders and you’ll have fall fashion wrapped around your finger!