STYLE GURU BIO: Jennifer Jenkins

STYLE GURU BIO: Jennifer Jenkins

Hi Fashionistas! Thank you so much for moseying over to my STYLE GURU BIO.

Since my freshman year spring semester, the CollegeFashionista team has helped me nurture my voice and curate a point of view on campus style. Despite my former nonchalant attitude toward the Gainesville fashion landscape, photographing other students has positively changed my outlook.

It is impossible to go a day without seeing several students wearing interesting pieces. On any given walk across campus, you can see some students trek from the stadium to Library West, in leather Birkenstocks and overalls. Others may zip by through the oak tree lined avenues on candy-colored scooters in reflective aviators and bright-colored sneakers, while some can be seen lounging in hammocks between oak trees in palazzo pants and chokers. This semester, leather backpacks, Stan Smiths, tie-dye shirt dresses and mirrored sunglasses are just a few of the trendy items I have started to see students wearing.

When I shifted my focus from lecture to the runway for this post, the Nina Ricci prefall 2016 collection enchanted my attention. It inspired my look for this STYLE GURU BIO. The intricate lace work and precise tailoring in the collection seduced my weakness for lace and whimsical silhouettes. Although my navy blue lace dress juxtaposes many of the popular campus trends I see day-to-day, it’s sharp white collar and feminine touches seem to epitomize my personal taste. What better time would there be to wear a garment that authentically represents my style than a bio? Although, I took a slight detour from my usual pairing of a nude bag with my navy blue dress and opted for a rose pink quilted clutch instead. The color blocking helped brighten the deep navy blue pigment of the lace. I turned to my fail-safe nude pumps to wrap up my look.

I hope your semesters are off to a rad start. In any case, finding something that inspires you, whether it is a runway collection or a lecture can build confidence and influence your style identity. Let your passion show by shamelessly dressing for yourself in clothing and accessories that reflect “you.”