STYLE GURU BIO: Jennifer Cole

Like many of you, I am completely stoked for the new school year to begin. Not only am I excited for a brand new set of classes and seeing my friends again, I can’t wait to see all of the new fashions floating around campus. Walking to class every day is like seeing a realistic, true-to-life fashion show. Instead of all of the crazy frocks that designers come up with, you get a look at what real people are currently wearing. Not only do you get to show off your own style, you get to be inspired by other people and their styles.

Fall has always been my favorite season for fashion. The deep colors are stunning, the understated patterns are mesmerizing and the versatility of all of the clothing is pretty convenient. Let’s face it; in college, layers are a student’s best friend. Not only are they cozy and cute, they help defend us helpless souls against the unpredictable weather that comes along with the autumn season.

As you can tell, I plan on taking full advantage of the benefits of fall style. My chambray shirt layered over a simple white T-shirt prepares me for both the warm humidity of the day, while not having to worry about cooler evenings. If I get hot walking to class, I can simply tie the shirt around my waist and look like that’s how I meant to wear my outfit that day. I am also a fan of the militaristic greens, so I pair my olive-colored shorts with as many things as I possibly can. Thankfully for me, there happen to be a lot of things that coordinate with olive green. My final touch is my pair of Converse All-Star II’s (yes, in the great sneaker debate, I go for Chuck Taylors every time). A pair of back-to-school sneakers to go with anything and everything is essential for every college student, especially since we all know how exhausting walking all across campus multiple times a day can be.

I hope that all of you are as excited to go back to school as I am, and that fall brings as much inspiration to your style as it does to mine. Remember that every time you go to class, you have an opportunity to inspire someone with your own style, even if it’s something as simple as shorts and a T-shirt.