Known as the girl with that special “Juice,” I, Jennet Jusu, will attest to enduring hunger pains. Some are so severe in the name of fashion, music, and my culture, that it’s inevitable to not ignore. I crave the latest trends I can dominate on my own, and write about how my obsession with ’90s style is surely making a comeback (like windbreakers, door knocker earrings, and Timberland construction boots are really anything “new”). You’ll find me tackling many projects including fiction writing, a dance number I choreographed, photoshopping graphics, and drafting blog posts just to further prove not only am I a busy body, but I want to do everything!

Well not everything, just performance art, and fashion related to creatively direct; if I don’t write a fiction novel of a made up character I’ve developed in my head to introduce to the world first. I want to do it all in the name of fun, and then some. And in this twisted, creatively insane head of mine that’s surely to have my signature ‘fro of a hairstyle on top of it, has dreams larger than my ego. For starters, I made it my goal to at least breathe the same air as my editorial hero Anna Wintour by the age of 27, but will stick with jpeg images as a close second while I work up to that point. I aspire to be a Magazine Columnist, Fashion Journalist, and Creative Director for preferably Vogue magazine. Any fashion house of Haute Couture would do as well. Let’s pray my to-do list however has room to include backup dancing for Beyonce, too. But I have no issue with sticking to being an Assistant Choreographer, and dancer for my university’s band dancing team at Montclair State University.

As well as dancing and writing, perfecting my craft of journalism has always been a goal of my own, and honing the skill of photography as well, preferably fashion photography. To wrap it up in a package perfectly bowed, and sealed, it’s my destiny to never constrain my creativity and confine it to just one thing. Life is full of possibilities, and I plan on showcasing myself through my many talents and skills of writing, dancing, and styling.

Wearing a custom African designed dress with colors of green, peach, and red, I opted for a signature look inspired by the ’70s era. With my afro, circled patterned dress, and big statement piece of gold earrings paired with wedges, I wanted to show my varied style that goes from funky chic to settled sophistication.

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