STYLE GURU BIO: Jenna Tipple

Season’s greetings! Yes, I’m back again and super stoked to be returning for my third semester as a Style Guru. Thus far in my internship, I have documented some of the best Madison fashion in summer and fall. But now, it’s winter, the season synonymous with Wisconsin when we really get to see Madisonians show off their style—even through all those bulky layers of insulation. Now, the calendar tells me that the winter solstice has already passed. So, although it’s currently 50 degrees and raining outside, winter has technically begun, and I’m excited to showcase some great winter fashion from campus in the capital city.

When I think of my personal style, I usually think of it as being anything but style. However, my style is taking baby steps here and there, evolving greatly from the days of wearing my brother’s hand-me-down zip-off cargo pants. Recently, I have realized that my wardrobe is very “monochrome-ish” and more or less resembles a sliding grayscale with a few colorful pieces thrown in the mix. I really like to stick with timeless pieces that are both comfortable and versatile and allow me to switch seamlessly between my double life as a lazy college student and aspiring fashion retail mogul.

This gray textured cocoon coat is one of my favorite pieces this season. It’s extremely warm and comfortable, and to me, it seems to give off an air of sophistication to every outfit, a fabulous contrast to my sweatshirts and leggings that I wear on the daily. I paired it with a gray sweater underneath to give it that seamlessly chic “groutfit” look that I always find myself accidentally rocking (like right now, as I just realized I’m wearing gray sweats head-to-toe).

These knee-rip jeans are one of my because they are a big trend right now, I got them for an absolute steal, and they’re super comfy, so I can even wear them to class when I’m feeling ambitious. These Converse high-top sneakers are another one of my prized possessions because I snagged them for just twenty bucks at Urban Outfitters, and I’m a sucker for a great pair of Chucks. I always love to pair these sneakers with pants of the same shade of blue, sticking with my personal “monochrome-ish” trend.

Winter fashion, I believe, gives us a great opportunity for accessorizing, and I have collected many colorful scarves throughout the years. This patterned blanket scarf is one of my favorites because it livens up any outfit and creates a nice windshield for my face during my treacherous winter walks to class. My jewelry is the final component of my look. I now habitually throw on multiple rings and bracelets every morning, and I really feel quite naked without them.

Thanks for sticking with me through yet another style autobiography: winter edition. I hope you stick around for the next few months, too, to check out the great winter wardrobes of my fellow Badgers!