Hi lovelies, thanks for taking the time to read my page! My name is Jenna Berry and I am currently a junior at Georgia Southern University. I have always had such a strong passion for fashion, so I decided that I wanted to study fashion merchandising and apparel design, because when you’re doing what you love it doesn’t feel like work…right? Some of my hobbies include traveling, curling up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee, watching ’80s movies and of course enjoying anything and everything sweet.

Some of my favorite memories growing up were playing dress up with my friends. We would borrow mom’s old dresses and heels, turn up the latest Hilary Duff CD and dance around the entire house. The thought of “playing dress up” must have never left me because it is still something that I enjoy to this day. An occasional night out is the perfect excuse to try out that little black dress that you may be hesitant to wear or even rock those heels that you have been dying to put on. The little details are what make an outfit special. They are even what make you special. And you are all special.

I am a firm believer in confidence; it is key. Without confidence, it may be hard to throw on that outfit that you love but your friends might say is a little “off.” Confidence is something that I definitely had to gain while growing up. Being a sassy little ball of fire, with the bright red hair color to match, was not always what I wanted. I used to envy girls that had the slim, tall, typical model figure until one day I realized that was not my path and that was not what I was supposed to be nor who I would ever be. I was supposed to be myself and I had to learn to be confident in that. Confidence is actually what will make others envy you; they will see the smile on your face and wonder how you look so good.

What I love about this look is the fact that it truly is me playing “dress up.” It’s a simple maxi dress with a long-sleeve chambray shirt tied at the waist for a slimming effect. Who would have thought? The details that make up an outfit and the ideas that you have in your head are important; they are what make you unique and what makes you stand out in the crowd. So wear what you want, however you want, whenever you want. And look damn good wearing it.