STYLE GURU BIO: Jenna Baaske

I think a lot of us can remember playing dress-up for hours as little girls. I definitely remember being one of them. There was a big wooden box in my basement filled with costumes and clothes. To me, it was a glorious treasure chest. My sisters, cousins, friends and I mixed and matched the silliest and sassiest of outfits at such young ages. This activity for kids turned into a lifestyle for me. It has followed me through each year of school and every stage of life. One of my favorite fashion icons, Kate Spade once said, “Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.”

That is a fashion lesson I’ve learned in my life. Keep dressing up. You don’t have to go all out but why not have a little fun with your wardrobe choice in the morning? It’s also not about impressing people either. Style, in my opinion, should be about what is most comfortable and confident for you. My most comfortable and confident looks a little something like this for example. I adore patterned pieces that make a statement. This flowing and floral kimono shirt is similar to one you can get from sites like Lush Fashion Lounge. I’m a big fan of peasant tops, embroidered accessories and cute leather sandals. Like all of us, my style has changed through the years as I’ve played around with colors and trends. If there’s another style lesson I’ve stumbled upon, it is to experiment and find what is most appealing to you.

When I’m not spending my time pinning away on Pinterest (my guilty pleasure), I’ll be on the move as a Style Guru. I’m starting my second year at the University of Central Florida. I’m just as excited to keep working hard in classes, continue adventuring with friends and volunteering for a middle school ministry called Wyldlife.  Living in Orlando, fall is like no other place in the country—boiling hot. So shorts and sandals (I love these ones) are for all year. Every occasion, big or small, requires a fun outfit. Still, UCF has some pretty trendy Fashionista/os that I am so excited to spot. I’ll just be playing dress up myself while spotting them.