STYLE GURU BIO: Jena Bezesky

STYLE GURU BIO: Jena Bezesky

Hey there my fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Jena Bezesky, and i’m so glad to be back as a Style Guru for the University of Florida! It feels like it was only yesterday when I was digging through my closet to find an outfit for my very first STYLE GURU BIO post. When I originally applied to CollegeFashionista last summer, my decision was made completely on a whim after a friend recommended the website to me. Because I am a public relations student, I have always been on the lookout for internship opportunities that will help build my portfolio and resume. I had absolutely no ideas or expectations about the amazing experiences CollegeFashionista would bring! I even remember promising myself that I would only intern for one semester. It’s funny because I’m on my fourth semester with the team, and I now plan to be a Style Guru up until I graduate!

The STYLE GURU BIO post is supposed to be an introductory post where Style Gurus talk about their style and inspirations. But like everyone I know, my personal style has been through a few different phases. Some phases were actually quite fashionable, while others were extremely questionable and should never be repeated. When Katy Perry came out with her first album where she rocked the ’40s pinup girl look, I jumped right on board with her! At another point I was loving Kawaii style after I discovered Japanese street fashion blogs. There even was a brief phase with the emo look, but I don’t have to explain how horrible that one was. I suppose it took me a while to define my personal style.

I think every single fashion phase I went through has left its mark in some way or another. The one phase that I believe had the largest impact though was my foray with the retro pinup girl look. Since then, I have turned into a self-declared vintage fashion expert! I still scour thrift stores in search of old floral dresses and quirky pieces. Currently, I would describe my style as feminine with a vintage twist. That is why for my outfit, I decided to wear a vintage western-inspired matching set. To give it a 2016 update, I customized the skirt by cutting a few inches off and leaving a trendy raw hem. For my eyewear, I wore a pair of white and gold aviator sunglasses to continue the retro theme, and I completed my look with a pair of taupe leather booties to make sure my outfit didn’t become too “costumey.”

Since I shared what has influenced/inspired my personal style, I want to know more about what other Fashionista/os are wearing on campus! Be on the lookout for more blog posts throughout the fall to see some of the stylish college students I find. It’s going to be the most #RAD semester yet!