Hey there, fellow Fashionistas/os!

My name is Jen O’Neil. This is my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and I cannot wait to capture style from my perspective to share with all of my readers! When I’m not at the local Starbucks drive-thru to keep myself alive between the hustle and bustle of my daily activities, I can be found hitting the town with my phone in one hand and a kate spade bag in the other.

I don’t identify with one specific style due to the fact that my style ranges from sweat pants to designer shoes on any given day depending on the occasion. Therefore, I plan to bring a variety of trends to the table for my readers this semester! I am, in fact, a firm believer that a bag can turn even the simplest outfits into runway-worthy material, so I always carry one on my person with my go-to necessities: lipstick, a planner, a pen and my laptop. These items can turn every day into a successful day.

Have you ever heard of the saying outfits speak louder than words? This outfit is my favorite combination of color and simplicity. It shouts “I’m classy and prepared, but also bold and flirty.” With summer quickly coming to an end, I figured it would be a fabulous idea to show everyone a glimpse of my colorful side as a prelude to my fall inspirations that are yet to come!

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to read this. I hope you have learned a little bit more about my objective as a Style Guru. Be on the lookout for my monthly articles featuring college trends at Illinois State University! I cannot wait to express myself through fashion and I am so grateful for this RAD opportunity.