Hey everyone! My name is Joo Eun, but I also go by the initials JE /jay-ee/. Currently, I’m a first year Global Business student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I’m looking to study Marketing or Management as a second major next year because I love the creativity and collaboration in the disciplines. I am thrilled to be a part of the CollegeFashionista community and look forward to sharing inspiring styles with you, fresh from Hong Kong.

Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing city. Hong Kong is a diverse place and is filled with people from across the globe. With internationalism comes really different fashion tastes too, so you spot a lot of outfit types walking in the streets. This is always exciting! The food here is great and you can find food enthusiasts snapping away on their cameras in the restaurants.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, my style tends to consist of classic, clean and minimalist pieces. I love the collected, put-together looks they can make. Like many people, I enjoy experimenting with my outfits. Sometimes I’m going for the sporty, laid back vibe, other times I feel like a preppy outfit and at times I’ll fancy a boost of bold and bright patterns. Though, you’ll spot me once in awhile in 9:00 a.m.-class-sweatpants style in college. It happens, right?

To me, the little things really make the highlight. They are the detailing on collars, the way sleeves are designed uniquely to the colour of zips on clothing. Small details like slightly cuffed up jeans to change the outfit up can add a nice touch. When I dress, I usually find myself going for a favorite statement piece and then styling around it. In the end, however, I think styling is all about understanding yourself and what makes you feel most confident plus comfortable.

When I’m not doing anything related to business or fashion, I write fiction while chilling with some great music. I love surprise pursuits every now and then to try something new, such as launching a startup experience or a day trip to a nearby destination.

I’m sure I’ll be finding tons of inspiration from you all and hope that I can share some of mine as well. Can’t wait to see you around campus, Fashionistas/os! Let’s all have a fantastic semester.