STYLE GURU BIO: Jasmine Kitterman

Hi Fashionistas! This is Jasmine, hailing from The University of Iowa! I’ve lived my entire life in the Midwest. No, wait, don’t stop reading—the Midwest has a lot to offer! For example, me!

My style and attitude has been shaped from my life here in the Midwest. I like to say I’ve lived in the Triple-I states. I’ve spent almost equal parts of my life in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. As much as I love it here (I mean, have you guys really ever shucked and ate fresh sweet corn? Really?). I am looking forward to finishing my degree and pursuing my dream career elsewhere in the U.S.

I am going into my senior year at the University, which means this is my last summer as a student before “Real Life” begins. To combat the scary realty that my 17 years of school life is coming to a close, I’ve dedicated my studies to journalism and mass communications so that I can work in public relations for a living.

My favorite style is casual, but I’m sure everyone has their own scale of what they consider casual to what they consider dressy. I think as long as it’s easy to move in and you feel confident wearing it, the outfit is casual and should be worn on any given day!

Maxi skirts are becoming really popular around my campus and I love the trend. Long, lightweight skirts are perfect for any type of warm weather. I prefer maxi skirts for daytime use, but I’d rather pull out a solid-color maxi dress or romper for a night out.

Beauty-wise, I try to keep it simple too. I adore my natural hair and I also adore that a more diverse range of hair type has become beautiful to the general public with the help of media representation.

On days that I wear eye-makeup I stick to browns, which enhance both my skin and eye colors. A red lip is another trend that I’m glad has emerged. Or should I say reemerged? I still remember being six-years-old watching my mom put on red lipstick before work! What can I say? Good trends don’t ever really die.

I’m looking forward to spending my summer with CollegeFashionista sharing other styles from the University of Iowa campus! Keep an eye peeled on this city—it’s crawling with Fashionistas! Go Hawks!