Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine Fain, and I am a student at Oklahoma State University. I’m currently majoring in professional writing with a minor in business. My major fashion inspiration has always been my mother. As the fashion of our century evolved, so did she, and even the outfits she dressed me up in as I was little screamed high fashion. Through her inspiration, I have created my own blog to not only show the world who I am but to also give lifestyle and fashion advice to young adults. With being from a big city like Dallas, Texas, I am constantly taking my hometown roots and incorporating them into my college fashion trends. Dallas has always served as the biggest inspiration for my style, and as I experience all that the city has to offer, I find myself drawing fashion inspiration from different cultures and people. I guess you could say that I wear my city!

I would describe my fashion taste as urban and edgy with a twist of ’90s style. I believe black, white and grey are the foundation to everyone’s style and that simplicity is key, but with a pop of color your outfit can make a statement. This is why I love the fashion of the ’90s: simple, daring and always a pop of color.

Love the look I have above? I recommend finding a graphic patterned skirt or shirt. Edge it up with some spiked jewelry, such as a necklace! Lastly, pair your outfit with your favorite sneakers to be comfortable and classy all night long!
I am so glad that you all get to experience this fashion journey with me through CollegeFashionista! I can’t wait to share all that Oklahoma State and I have to offer!