STYLE GURU BIO: Jamie Shindler

August 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey guys! Sick of hearing from me by now? Probably. But I am back for my fourth semester as a Style Guru. I am now a senior at the University of Arizona as a marketing major with a studio art minor. At this point, I’m on my way to graduate a semester early from my business track, meaning spring of 2017, which will include many tears as I leave the stylish and fun people of my school.

I am still the same person as I was in the spring, but have gone through a few new things to shape my fashion mind. I studied abroad for about six weeks in the small town of Orvieto, Italy in the beginning of this summer, which was a fashion eye-opener obviously. The Italian women may have style, but the Italian men have more. Every time I see a guy with rolled up pants, my heart aches with a need for my morning cappuccino and croissant. I traveled almost everywhere in Italy, as well as my new favorite place in the world- Nice, France. Yes, Nice was nice. After my adventures of running through Rome train stations and tip toeing across rocky beaches, I came back to the freest country there is, and my beloved in-n-out.

Once I got back to Los Angeles, after a few relaxing weeks, I went home to Tucson, Arizona to take two business classes along with an advertising internship that I’m continuing through the year. Unless, I do something drastic to make them realize that I’m actually just pretending to be an adult. The heels have been my cover up.

So instead of my spandex and Lulu tank tops that I usually style a few times a week, I traded in for “work appropriate” dresses that look great with my new Italian leather wedges I bargained for. Short boots go with anything, red looks great on most people, and dresses are still more comfortable than leggings. Watch out CollegeFashionista readers, because my 20 units, internship and role as president of a volleyball club will never distract me from writing witty articles for your enjoyment. It’s good to be back!