January 18th, 2017 at 2:00am

Hey Fashionista/o’s! My name is Jada Hines and I am a sophomore, public relations major at Howard University. This will be my second semester with CollegeFashionista and I couldn’t be more excited! Over the past few months my style has done nothing less than evolve. Lately, I’ve been exploring the more edgy side of fashion and challenging myself to formulate creative looks, and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve discovered with CollegeFashionista.

I didn’t know it when I was younger, but I’ve always subconsciously been obsessed with fashion. I would always take getting ready in the morning seriously and loved playing dress up, I even remember pretending to own a clothing store in my bedroom. Little did I know that I was preparing to be the fashionista I am today! Putting together outfit combinations has turned into a lifestyle along with hair, makeup, accessories etc. Growing up in the fashion capital, New York City definitely plays a huge roll on my love for fashion. New York is surrounded by fashion and artwork that has always fascinated me, walking down the streets of SoHo alone is a runway.

Going to college in Washington, D.C. has taken my fashion senses to another level. D.C. being a city of it’s own has a unique culture and style that has influenced me. Just this past month of me getting to know the city more has encouraged me to explore other aspects of my style. I still tend to dress based upon how I feel and my style still consists of a combination of many styles, it simply has been enhanced. My style is a mixture of street, chic, sexy, and high fashion. Some days I enjoy pulling off the oversized tomboy look and sometimes I rather go super girly. My absolute favorite thing to do is take a simple outfit and use small details to create a look.This outfit is a perfect example of that. I took the simple black leather dress and transformed it into a fashion statement. The leather theme is seen multiple times in this outfit including the leather hat, dress, and boots. The fishnet tights were the most defining statement of the outfit, they added an edgy dynamic and complemented the look very well. The finishing touches to the outfit were the choker, watch, earrings, and sunglasses which were all coordinated with the rose gold/orange tints.

I can’t wait to see what this semester with CollegeFashionista brings as I know I will grow to love it more! Howard’s campus is sure to be a fashion show from the winter faux furs all the way to the cute spring dresses, so I will bring you the best Fashionista/o looks all throughout the change in seasons! Let’s have a RAD semester!