STYLE GURU BIO: Jacquelyn Marino

Hello everyone my name is Jacquelyn and I’m super excited to be returning for my second semester with CollegeFashionista! I will be a sophomore this fall at Marist College which is on the beautiful hudson river which I absolutely adore. I am majoring in fashion merchandising with a concentration in business.

In order for you to really understand my obsession with fashion you probably need to know some background on me. I am from Portland, Oregon born and raised although I have always been drawn to New York and the adventure that comes with New York. My favorite thing to do is go into New York City and just walk up and down the streets admiring everything, especially all of the stores. Besides loving New York City I love to travel, shop (of course), run, hike, cook and spend time with my family and friends.

Now back to the main focus fashion and how I fell in love with it! Fashion has always been something I’ve enjoyed and its sort of an escape for me with the creativity and freedom it allows for. I could easily spend a night just picking out my outfits for the week or watching fashion weeks latest runway shows. I just love that theres always something new to learn and the pace the fashion industry moves at. It’s a very exciting environment that I’m so glad I’m apart of!

I would describe my style as being both simple yet detailed. What I mean by that is I always love to start my outfit with simple pieces and then build off of those pieces with details whether its accessories or more layers. For example, in the outfit I am wearing above it is very simple but I wanted to add something extra to it to add my touch on it, and I think the black floppy hat works well to complement the white button down top and red jogger pants. The black flats then help to tie the floppy hat into the outfit.

I’m very excited for a fun semester full of lots of fashion and lots of new knowledge and can’t wait to continue writing all about what I love!