STYLE GURU BIO: Jacqueline Richtman

As a kid, I played dress up constantly. I dressed up like princesses and fairies, always going for the pretty pink dresses and sparkly shoes. Thankfully, I grew out of my desire to constantly look like Cinderella and learned to turn my obnoxious princess outfits into a more subtle feminine style. I still love girly floral patterns and pretty bright colors, but I know how to tone down my fairy tale style with more modern pieces.

Growing up with four sisters, I have always been surrounded by mountains of clothing. I am very lucky to have the sisters I have because I always have four closets to explore, four opinions on what to wear and four very different styles to get inspired by. Because of our varying style, I fortunately was able to discover exactly what I loved about fashion which is how every day you can show the world something new. Your style constantly adapts and evolves. I am obsessed with the idea that you are never the same person when you walk out your front door, and you have complete control over how the world perceives you.

I really only have one fashion rule I religiously follow, and it’s something my younger sister said to me once. She said, “you should dress every day wearing an outfit that you would want to be in if you died, or if you met Harry Styles or if you are forced to go on a crazy magical adventure like in the movies.” If that is not a good rule to follow, I don’t know what is.

In these photos, I am wearing my favorite off-the-shoulder top from Zara, jeggings from PacSun (so comfy), summery sandals from Target and jewelry from Entourage.