August 31st, 2016 at 2:10am

Give me ten seconds and I’ll tell you whether I like what I see or not. In ten minutes I’ll be able untangle my tastes and tell you how your turquoise satin top collides with the breeze in the same way gentle waves quiver near the white sand shores of home in Zanzibar. The rolled cuffing of your ponte pants is as planned and precise as those I folded on myself before splashing in a coin-filled fountain in Kansas. Perhaps your metallic slinky jumpsuit holds the sparkle of the rare Minnesota state quarter I sacrificed to Point State Park Fountain as I wished for a successful conclusion to my sophomore year at Pitt, and radiate with the same magic potential for possibility.

In style, I revel in versatility and linger a bit longer on those looks that embody an unknown or an unencountered feel. You know, it’s like when you’re strolling around campus or around town and you glance at this person. No wait, you gaze at this person. Okay, at this point you’re staring, but with good intentions, as you are intrigued. Even the starter questions like; where did you buy that? Aren’t cutting it. What you really wanna know is how did you create this look? How does it make you feel? Connecting with styles that have never crossed my mind feel like tasting new foods that I never knew I wanted. When I do this I am exploring the familiar through the lens of the unfamiliar. I like to feel fashion through the seams that transcribe the history of the people who inspired it, the life experiences that made them create a look and inadvertently transferred into the life experiences of my world and the distinct worlds of others.

Last year I declared myself a socially-conscious trafficker of taste and an avid collector of looks. I believe that the style you select for yourself should be tailored to your persona well enough to stand fashionably tall in the tide of trends. My style rests on the rather conservative and comfy end while primarily showcasing earth tone pieces with splashes of colors. I mean like the kind of colors that make a statement or make you look like a mighty fine highlighter, but exist as cohesive pieces. I like those “do less with more” articles that you can dress up or down such as joggers and have a mighty appreciation for multipurpose fits. Co-ords is like my family, slime green is like my cousin, and I’m all about fashion collaborations among athletic brands especially adidas. I’m a fashion explorer who likes to dig a little deeper, I can’t help myself! But, I hope that you grab your shovel and dig with me too and maybe if we dig the same style it’ll be a treasure for two.