Hi there Fashionistas/os! It is so nice to finally be able to introduce myself as a Style Guru! My name is Ilana Wayne and I am a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. I am a Textiles and Apparel major with a focus in design. I am thrilled to be sharing my photography and articles with all of you fashion lovers!

Here in Austin, Texas, one day it’s clear skies and 100-degree weather and the next it’s 75 degrees and storming. Just like the weather, my style is always in flux. Most days I go for a more casual and relaxed look, however I use the Austin nightlife as a time to showcase my trendier and edgier outfits. Generally, my wardrobe consists of a collection of neutrals, although I am always willing to add a bold piece into the mix, just like the Zara jacket featured in the pictures above. Accessorizing is another activity I fully support and advocate for. Jewelry can make or break an outfit. More importantly, accessories can be used to transform a casual style into a dressier look.

Being from Atlanta, the diverse street style and advanced fashion scene always caught my eye. The people and architecture that surround me inspire me daily and force me to think in a more creative way. I am extremely lucky to have grown up in a city that promotes personal expression and creative thinking.

My ultimate style tip for all Fashionistas/os: dress how you want to feel. Putting on an outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in can be reflected in your mood. If you look good, you will feel good. Take risks with your outfits and step outside your comfort zone every once and a while. It will lead you to new experiences and maybe even a new favorite style.