STYLE GURU BIO: Ilana Freeman

January 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os! I am beyond ecstatic to begin my journey with CollegeFashionista and share my love of fashion with all of you. I am currently a freshman at Montclair State University, located in New Jersey. I am majoring in Fashion Studies and hope to later go into Fashion Merchandising.

From being only a five minute drive right to the heart of the town of Montclair and only a 25 minute train ride right into New York City, Montclair is the perfect destination for any city person. The town of Montclair is home to many unique boutiques and cafés that are perfect for people with many different interests. Like the town it’s located in, the university itself is extremely diverse and houses many different clubs ranging from fashion club to biology and history club. No matter your personal interest, Montclair has it all.

When I was younger I spent most of my free time sketching clothes in my journal and flipping through fashion magazines. Although I was not a great artist, I knew that fashion was what I truly loved and could see myself being apart of in the future. My inspiration comes from fashion blogger Blair Eadie, as well as celebrities such as AnnaSophia Robb and Blake Lively.

I believe that style is a form of art, and art is a way to express oneself. The main reason I am so intrigued by fashion is because just by looking at the way someone dresses, you are able to learn so much about him or her as a person. The way they put together their clothes, style different pieces and layer accessories, is different with each individual.

I am beyond excited to share my love of fashion as well as the many diverse fashions of the Montclair State University campus. I look forward to sharing my articles every Tuesday, and hope you are all ready to read them!