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STYLE GURU BIO: Holly Conner

August 31st, 2016 at 2:05am


My name is Holly Conner and this is my second season as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! Besides enjoying fashion blogging, I also love designing dresses. This year, I am creating my own unique collection of dresses from start to finish. I have been sketching, drafting patterns, sewing and creating each of the dresses, to be later be displayed in my university’s own fashion show. Each dress will be very elegant, feminine and in some way, shape or form, each will utilize flowers or floral prints. Think delicate fabrics, sheer layers and blossoming details, and you can begin to imagine my completed collection, as well as aspects of my own personal style. My style is particularly soft and feminine, as the staple pieces of my wardrobe include flowy dresses, lightweight white blouses, sheer pieces and floral and organic prints. I’m sure you will see some of these styles featured in my fashion articles this fall.

Other than going gaga over all things fashion, I am also passionate about exposure to art and being an artist. My favorite art forms include painting, photography, ceramics and printmaking. My favorite thing about art is that it knows no limits; it can be found in anything and everything, and it is constantly changing and evolving with the world. I aspire to create in a way that is not only reflective of myself but makes an impact on others by being unique and innovative in the way I create. Art is vital to me, as it is a way for me to feel in a world where feelings are often shut out, and express myself without having to explicitly state my mood or what I think about something.

Speaking of self-expression, what better way to do so than by actively choosing how to present yourself to others through careful consideration of clothing, accessories, hair, cosmetics and the like? Today, I am chose to wear a lightweight chambray flounce dress, with a crochet ruffle detail around the bib-neck of the dress. I paired the dress with simple crisscross white sandals and a bit of red lipstick to complete the ensemble. I adore this look because of its versatile colors and simple femininity. Though I won’t get much more use out cof this outfit as this summer as it quickly plunges to an end, I am excited to break out my autumn wardrobe for the rest of my upcoming fall style articles.