STYLE GURU BIO: Hollis Young

January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Hollis Young

Hey Fashionistas/os! I am so excited to be returning for my fourth season writing for CollegeFashionista. I am a sophomore health science major from James Madison University who absolutely obsesses over clothing and New York City. Writing and sharing my personal style with you guys is something I love to do so I cannot wait for this season.

A little bit about my personal style would be that I am very basic (in the not so negative sense of the term). I love to wear simple colors such as black, gray, white, burgundy and navy and this has not changed since I can remember. I am a big believer in the ideas of layering and color coordination as well as comfort. This means you can always find me in a loose tank top or an oversized sweater. My favorite stores include American Eagle Outfitters and Brandy Melville but I also enjoy stopping in at cute boutiques to find pieces that are not as popular to show my originality in style.

When it comes to putting together an outfit my love of New York City draws me to the styles of urban and chic. I find my fashion to be versatile. I love to rock the classic Adidas, but also enjoy a cute pair of booties. While most often I dress edgy, I also find myself in a lot of boho pieces. I believe the fringe, fascinating patterns and the flow of boho pieces are very representative of my care-free spirit.

I hope that this gives you a general sense of who I am fashion-wise and you choose to keep reading my articles (I know you will)! I’m really excited to share my fashion journey through this Spring semester with all of you and hope you enjoy some of the trends I find on my campus and bring them to yours!