STYLE GURU BIO: Holden Powell

“I always knew there was something special about that boy, And the way he stuck his hand out the window and flew it like an airplane.”—Foxy Shazam.

We are all destined to do great things in this world and it very well starts off with a simple dream and moment. It was only a “No high heels permitted” sign at a museum that sparked the fascination and affinity of shoes for designer Christian Louboutin. Never deny yourself the opportunity to be free and different. No other quote has resonated with me quite like this one has. There is a reason I’ve been using it since middle school. Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Holden Powell and I’m currently a sixth semester Journalism major (with plans on double majoring in Communications) attending the University of Connecticut.

Having spent most of my life bound to school uniforms, fashion didn’t really come into my life until my freshman year of college. Picking out new articles of clothing and piecing them together every morning was foreign to me. Yet, it was exciting at the same time. I looked forward to trying out new things to see if they would go together and work. Websites like Lookbook became my new best friend for go to inspiration every day. Fashion blogs on Tumblr introduced me to street fashion, where my affinity for the aesthetics of NYC street style blossomed and became so apparent.

As I traveled outside the country, my eyes opened and I realized that fashion is bigger than localityit is worldwide. “Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Seoul, London, Tokyo…” (Azealia Banks’ “Wallace” reference, shameless promotion!) all connected through the same world of fashion, yet they manage to keep their styles unique whether it’s through culture or individuality. That’s the beautiful thing about fashion that took me a while to grasp. It’s not always a Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar high-end look. Fashion can range from simple and casual to eccentric and unconventional. Fashion is you. It is who we are and what makes us comfortable in our own skin.

With a dream of breaking out into the world of Journalism, CollegeFashionista is an amazing opportunity to help me brush up on my writing skills, open me up to the multifaceted field and giving myself an eclectic range. And, of course, giving myself my daily dose of fashion. With that being said, I am super stoked to be a Style Guru for the spring semester and can’t wait to show you guys that UConn isn’t just a school that can win championships, but can kill the runway, as well!