Hello, hello fashion lovers! I’m Heba Madi and I am so eager to begin writing as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! So here is a little bit about myself: I am starting my sophomore year at Wichita State University, majoring in Strategic Communication. I am a member of several organizations on campus: Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Muslim Student Association and Student Ambassador Society. When I’m not studying for classes, I’m either reading a book, surfing the web to find the latest fashion blogs or looking for the best TV shows to watch. I am the queen of binge-watching television shows. Some of my favorites are Criminal Minds, The Arrow, The Flash, Friends and Suits. Currently, I am enjoying Chasing Life, starring Italia Ricci, mostly, because I love her fashion sense and style, what she wears to wear to work, to interviews and to date nights. Other than TV shows, reading and shopping, I also really enjoy traveling.

I feel as if traveling allows my fashion sense to flourish. In every city I visit, I must find the place’s cutest boutiques, outlet malls or shopping centers to fulfill my fashion addiction. And you bet I don’t leave there before finding a statement piece. My favorite part of shopping out of town is enjoying style that is different than the style trends spreading in my hometown. I don’t shop all the time, however, I’m constantly reading magazines at Barnes & Noble, skimming through trendy boards on Pinterest or living stress-free with retail therapy!

To me, fashion is the concept of individuals expressing themselves. As an early teen, I felt that dressing myself was the best form of expressing myself. To this day, I still believe I convey my best self through what I wear. I am so excited to be interning with CollegeFashioinista and to be sharing my passion for fashion with you all!