STYLE GURU BIO: Hayley Verdeyen

It’s that time of the year again Fashionistas and Fashionistos. That’s right: CollegeFashionista article writing time. Well, for me at least. In just a short week I will be back on campus at James Madison University and I’m actually, dare I say it, excited. I never quite understood my brother when he would moan and groan about summer being too long and boring. As if doing nothing and having no obligations could be boring. Except, let’s be honest, it actually kind of is. Summer, my love, forgive me for I have sinned.

All jokes aside, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. Summer break has been a sort of hazy dream filled with more sun and watermelon than I could ever want. The heat sure did put a damper on my style seeing as I am a denim lush. Denim plus humid, rudely hot weather doesn’t quite equate to a well executed look. Take these photos for instance. Well, sweaty but still with a smile; beauty and versatility depending on the weather.

I’ve done this STYLE GURU BIO once before in the spring. Since then I like to think I’ve evolved drastically. Still a big fan of srunchies and skinnies but, there’s a bit more refinement to my look. I think that’s what makes fashion so addictive. I own all of the same pieces, with some blessed new additions, but my everyday look is different. The only way I can describe my style will, in truth, sound like a shoddy, half-hearted attempt but here it goes: urban, grunge-chic. There, go ahead and judge me but if you’ve got a better explanation for my affinity for Chelsea boots, flannels, ripped jeans, T-shirts and structured tops then please, help a girl out. I think that the lovely thing about all this, this fashion business, is that it’s completely objective. I’m positive that a great deal of people look at me and think, “Mm, better not.” That’s actually welcome, opinions are what they are. But, the thrilling hook is when someone looks at me and is inspired to try out a similar look at home. If only I could be so lucky as to inspire someone the way my fashion icons inspire me.

I value all senses of style because it’s a creative outlet that is to be celebrated instead of judged. I mean, yes, please for the love of all that is good, wear clothing. Preferably clothes that cover up all your bits but, so long as that criteria is filled, I’m game. So many celebrities are raising the bar with their endlessly impressive looks. Kendall Jenner has such an eye for lines that elongate her already lengthy body, Gigi Hadid remains true to her California cool roots with simplistic crops and athletic trainers, Zoë Kravitz with effortless boho trends and then Harry Styles and the way he confidently works luscious fabrics and prints.

And I do what I can with what I’ve got. That’s all you can do.