STYLE GURU BIO: Harlie Pietrangelo

Hi there, Fashionistas/os! I’m back and ready for another semester writing for CollegeFashionista, and I’m more than ready for another semester in school. It’s funny how when you’re little, all you crave is summer vacation and while you’re excited to go back to school, you always wished summer would never end. Now, starting my second year at the University of Maryland studying Communications, I realize just how much times have changed. I even had a countdown going on my phone!

My style evolved a lot over the summer. I adapted a very bohemian look in order to stay cute and comfy when I worked at ALDO this summer. Fashion is always evolving, which is one of the reasons that I’ve always been drawn towards it. I’m looking forward to finding a way to make my tour guide uniform chic for between tours.

My love for fashion is very important to my sense of self. While it used to be something of a hobby, it quickly became a way to express myself. One day I hope to work in public relations for fashion because I want to be surrounded by it. Fashion is an art, and just because I’m not one of the artists doesn’t mean I can’t be a canvas.

I’m very excited to continue writing as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this fall. As cliché as it sounds, it’s my absolute favorite time of year. Style in the fall is so eclectic because you can wear anything as the weather changes. Some great fall staples are ankle booties, mini dresses and fringe jackets.

So get ready to try and pack your closets tight because the options endless for a RAD semester!