STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Weinstein

Hi everyone!  I’m Hannah Weinstein, a sophomore at Miami University in Ohio (not tropical) studying marketing and fashion corporate business. Some things you should know about me include I’m a nanny, an Ohio state fan, not a morning person, and I am obsessed with munchkin cats (seriously look them up). I’ve always loved clothes and photography and have recently been more experimental with makeup looks (rip my bank account), and I want to work in the fashion industry so I knew interning for CollegeFashionista was the perfect internship for me.

I consider my style to be a mix of a lot of different things: preppy, athlesiure, and bohemian to name a few plus I love trends (even though I’m always late). However, the most important thing to me when it comes to fashion is comfort. Whoever said fashion is pain is only partially right in my book. Yes, every couple months I am brought to tears by the tiny women who threads my eyebrows, but I also believe its extremely difficult to be fashionable when you’re not comfortable. Half of beauty and fashion is confidence and I firmly believe that the girl with a messy bun, a flannel, leggings, and sneakers who is confident is going to look way better than the girl wearing a dress to class if she won’t stop pulling it down. In this look, the plaid dress is a beautiful color, perfect for winter, but also ridiculously comfortable on sensitive skin while the faux fur vest is also crazy soft and on trend. My slip on sneakers are so broken in from running around campus it’s like gliding rather than walking, and they are a popular trend at Miami University.

Never forget about individuality, to really make a look your own you need to add a signature piece. Maybe yours is the way you do your eyeliner, or a ring your grandmother gave you that you never take off. For this look I wore a necklace that I got from an artisan shop in North Carolina, and my dainty Michael Kors watch that I rarely take off.

Possibly the most important aspect of fashion is price. I’m a broke college student (about to look for jobs on campus after I finish writing this) balling on a budget here so most of my shopping is guilty retail shopping after I finish a hard exam or week of projects. I’m more of a quality over quantity kind of gal, so I like to buy nicer quality versions when I can, but with trends I buy cheaper because I don’t know if I’ll even want to wear them this time next year. My rule is if I can’t think of at least five ways I can wear the piece then I can’t buy it.

I can’t wait to see how my style changes and my photography skills grow while giving out fashion tips and tricks, it’s going to be a RAD semester of styling with y’all!