STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Walding

As I’ve journeyed through college, my style has taken a journey as well. From freshman year to senior year, college has been a wonderful, yet challenging experience. The same goes for my Fashionista style experience. My college years have defined me in so many ways and my style has evolved with my experiences and challenges.

One thing that I have taken a liking to are “fancy pants.” From floral hippie pants, to the super-flare jeans I am wearing here, pants have become my trademark. My friends and I have fun naming the pants I wear, from “sassy pants” to “fun pants.” My senior year has inspired me to have fun with my Fashionista style. As I end my college years, I’ve realized that making the most of my college journey and style is crucial.

Before I enter the professional world, it is important to me to have fun with my various style personalities, whether it be with my “fancy pants” or “sassy pants.” My aspirations and goals are eminent of who I am and my style is something that also represents who I am as a person. As my last college year begins, it is truly just a start of a new opportunity to express my Style Guru Style.

So, put on your fancy pants and enjoy your ride that’s called college!