STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Tindall

Hello all! My name is Hannah Beth Tindall. Typically, I find describing myself in brief summaries very challenging, due to the fact that I do it all, and I love it all. (and I find categorizing myself constricting; what if I change my mind about who I want to be tomorrow?) Nonetheless, there are a few traits and interests that will stick with me, despite my habit to vacillate. For example, I am an avid yogi, armature smoothie artist and hopeful photographer. I’m current sophomore at The University of South Florida where I’m studying Mass Communications, and also on track to graduate with a certificate in Visualization and Design.

As odd as it may sound, I think my love for fashion sparked when I started to sincerely accept (and eventually appreciate) some of the unique qualities about myself—“good” and “bad”; physically and mentally. It was then, the angels floated around me and said: “be yourself!”. That’s what fashion is to me, an extended way to truly be yourself. Feeling funky? Get yourself some cool shades. Woke up with a little more estrogen? Time for a pastel top. In the mood to not move for the next week but you’re going to take one for the team? Get that athelisure outfit out. You get the idea.

Personally, accessories are the most important things to me. The right shoes, purse or jewelry has the potential to transform basically any outfit. After discovering the importance of details, I don’t think I’ve left my house without a watch since.

Overall, I’m so excited to share all of the wardrobes that catch my eye this summer. I have a good feeling about it all!