STYLE GURU BIO: Hannah Silverman

Hello Fashionista/os! I’m Hannah Silverman, and I am so excited for my first semester as an official Style Guru. I am a second year student at Miami University of Ohio where I am a Secondary Social Studies Education major (a fancy way of saying that I want to teach high school American history).

Now, I did my research before writing this STYLE GURU BIO and very rarely did I find a Style Guru without a major or minor in something regarding fashion. This got me second guessing myself and I was a little afraid that others might as well. I quickly snapped myself out of it and realized that my love for history would be nothing without my love for fashion. When I think of the ’20s, not only do I think of prohibition and suffrage, but I think of flappers wearing sequins and fringe with feathers in their hair. When I think of the ’60s, I think of the Civil Rights Movement but also major fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy and her incredible lashes. And most importantly, teachers get to look cute and professional while doing what they love, so why not, right?

So, yes, some may question why a future history teacher is included in a group of “Fashionistas,” but I feel that it only makes me a stronger one. History would be nothing without the history of fashion and teaching would be nothing if I couldn’t teach all that I have learned.

Fashion and history aren’t the only things that I hold in my heart. I have a love (more like obsession) with makeup. Put me in the middle of a Sephora with my VIB Rouge card and I am dangerous. This semester, not only will I be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, but you can also find me on my YouTube channel where I channel my inner beauty guru as well.

If I’m not at school with my friends or in a mall (most likely asking where the nearest Sephora is), I am at home, on the couch with my two dogs watching—and by watching, I mean reciting every line of—Friends. So, as much as I would like to promise you that my posts will be free of pictures of Mabel and Millie and without any Friends references, I can’t make such promises.

I cannot wait to show everyone here my favorite fashion styles and trends. I may go to class in my favorite sneakers and some cute workout shorts, but I promise to show you the cute styles myself and the amazing college town of Oxford, Ohio have to offer as well!