Hi, fashion lovers! My name is Hannah Frey. I am double majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications and Political Science at the University of Iowa. This fall semester, I am venturing into my sophomore year in hopes of bringing my own individual style along with me. If I had to pick only two aspects of my life to describe me, I would choose clothing and music.

From a young age, I was obsessed with the concept of being on stage. I watched musicians in awe, wishing I could be like them and noticing their originality and style. The realization that the clothing a musician wears links them to a certain genre led me to become curious about fashion trends. I have been singing ever since I can remember, and my parents taught me to play guitar around age 12. I quickly fell in love with playing and performing. From then on, I learned to use music and fashion as outlets of expression. When stressed or upset, I can probably be found writing a song or shopping (retail therapy works like a charm, right?). When I’m not stressed, I am most likely out and about with friends enjoying the beautiful University of Iowa campus and my favorite city.

Living in Iowa City and experiencing the fun, artsy community which surrounds me has positively influenced what I choose to wear. I have a love for neutral colors, and almost everything I have purchased recently is a varying shade of brown, white or tan. The more basic the item, the better for mixing, matching, and accessorizing. Because of the consignment shops downtown, I also have developed a knack for thrift shopping. I love sifting through vintage-looking clothes at places like Revival or White Rabbit. In these photos, I am wearing an everyday, rust-colored tee-shirt dress. I like this item because it is simple enough to be dressed down for every day activities, or dressed up for a night out when paired with brown wedges and the right necklace. The color goes well with my auburn hair, and has a more casual feel when accented with a denim-shirt tied around the waist. For accessories, I chose to wear a gold, heart-shaped, pearl necklace I received as an heirloom from my grandma, and a couple of braided anklets. I also added a tan scrunchie to make my outfit a little more fun, and put on my favorite pair of tobacco-colored Granada Birkenstocks to complete the look.

Although I initially gained my eye for fashion along with my passion for music, the two have grown into different areas of interest to explore. Both have ultimately given me one important gift: the opportunity to write and create. I have plenty more to learn about the fashion industry, and am so excited and honored to be taking on the Style Guru title this semester. Stay RAD, Fashionistas/os!