Hi everyone, my name is Haley Risi! I am about to start my sophomore year at Marywood University where I major in Interior Architecture. After studying this field for only a year, I have come to realized how closely related interior architecture and fashion are. I have always had a passion for both of these fields and could not be more excited to start my first semester of my sophomore year as a Style Guru!

If I had to describe my sense of style; I would say I have a rather laid back, bohemian sort of look. I find most of my clothes at stores like Urban Outfitters, which is my favorite place to shop, PacSun and Free People. I love being able to look cute but feel comfortable at the same time. I think that being comfortable is a very big part of fashion, and I don’t just mean big and baggy. I mean that by feeling confident and amazing in whatever a person chooses to wear, any piece can look great on anyone!

In my wardrobe, there are some pieces that I could not do with out. My Teva sandals are one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I own and could not go a week without wearing them. They are a must-have when I go on hikes and other outdoors activities. I even wear them with T-shirt dresses, which are another favorite of mine.

I cannot wait to share my style with the CollegeFashionista community, continue to develop my fashion sense through out the semester and learn from other Style Gurus like myself!